Maire Tecnimont conferma il suo impegno per la Sostenibilità finalizzando un Prestito Schuldschein Esg-Linked (Non Price Sensitive)

• This €62,5 million loan is divided into two tranches based
on duration and rate;

• The cost will also be subject to downward adjustments
related to the achievement of sustainability objectives, in line
with the Group's commitment to the Energy Transition.

Milan, December 13th, 2019 - Maire Tecnimont continues its Green
Acceleration project, launched in 2018, by finalizing a loan aimed at
supporting the Group’s investments in its green technologies.

The instrument, an “ESG-Linked Schuldschein Loan”, has a nominal value
of €62.5 million, is divided into two tranches with an average duration of
approximately 5 years, has a bullet payment, and an average interest rate
of approximately 2.3%. The cost may vary, including downwards, in
relation to the achievement of the Group's CO2 emission reduction targets.

A portion of the loan, equal to €20 million, will be used to refinance an
existing bond, leading to reduction in the rate of more than 110 bps and
to an extension of the maturity by about 3 years.

The initiatives aimed at mitigating the climate change, in line with the
Group’s commitment to energy transition, are linked to the following types
of emissions:

• Emissions deriving from activities directly controlled by the
(e.g. industrial activities of plastic recycling and activities in
green chemistry);

• Indirect emissions due to the production of energy purchased
and used by the Group
(e.g. energy efficiency measures);

• Other indirect emissions (e.g. savings achieved thanks to the
implementation of the “Smart Working” program and incentives
aimed at reducing commuting).

This transaction confirms the Group's commitment to the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals ("SDGs"), by supporting the transition to
an economy based on the use of renewable resources.

In this context, the Group set up NextChem, the company that develops
and manages technological initiatives to support the Energy Transition and
Green Chemistry. NextChem would like to be the partner of choice for the
industrialization of technological innovations that contribute to the
reduction of CO2 emissionoriginating from production and processing

Pierroberto Folgiero, Group’s CEO, commented: "I am very proud of this
transaction, which confirms the efforts made by our Group to undertake
and carry out virtuous behaviors in order to contribute to a responsible
growth and to achieve a sustainable development."

As part of the transaction, Maire Tecnimont was assisted by Banca IMI and
UniCredit Bank AG as arranger banks.

Maire Tecnimont SpA
Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. is a company listed on the Milan stock exchange. It heads an industrial group
(the Maire Tecnimont Group) that leads the natural resources processing sector (plant engineering in
the oil&gas downstream industry, with specific technological and execution capabilities). Through its
subsidiary NextChem the Group operates in the field of Green Chemistry and technologies supporting
the energy transition. The Maire Tecnimont Group operates in approximately 45 different countries,
numbering around 50 operative companies and a workforce of more than 6,300 employees, along with
approximately 3,000 additional Electrical & Instrumentation professionals. For more information:

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