DCCD™ Technology

Since 2011 our sister Company Tecnimont, has started R&D activities to develop a new gas purification technology to valorize Natural Gas fields with high content of CO2 and H2S, and unlocking additional valuable gas resources for the market.

DCCD™ technology is a patented cryogenic distillation process designed with two columns working at different pressures easily integrated in all Gas Processing architectures. It is now part of NextChem technology portfolio.

The process is operated at 40-50 barg and with a temperature lower than -90 °C. It allows to separate and recover CH4 and C2+ from mixtures of HCs with high content of acidic components (CO2, H2S, etc.).

Our technology has the following main advantages:

· Exploitation of very Sour Gas fields

· Natural Gas sweetening aimed also to LNG production and C2+ recovery

· Lean design with minimum CAPEX and OPEX

· Use of the recovered CO2 for enhanced oil recovery or as feedstock for petrochemical complexes to monetise the “Carbon” recovered re-transforming it in valuable products.

CO2 emission to atmosphere are drastically reduced, this is the reason why this technology is in the “greening the brown” macro area.