Our Green Circular District model allows to produce hydrogen and low-carbon fuels, necessary for sustainable mobility, by recycling plastics and recovering non-recyclable waste.

A model of a sustainable future that can already be achieved today.

A solution for the innovative and sustainable energy transition from an environmental, social and economic point of view, of which Italy can become a leader in Europe and in the world.

The Green Circular District benefits the environment, the economy and society

# 1 Decarbonization
It allows the production of low carbon chemicals and fuels which result in a reduction in CO2 emissions.

# 2 Recycle
It allows to increase the rate of recycling and recovery, reducing incineration and landfill disposal.

# 3 Occupation
It allows to reconvert traditional industrial sites with green chemistry technologies and create new jobs.

# 4 Local economies
It allows to reduce imports and dependence on foreign countries for strategic chemicals for the economy.

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