NextChem and BIO-P at AISAM2020 conference present the development of MEWLIFE e BIPAM Projects.

MEWLIFE is three-year project started in July 2018, co-funded by EU LIFE Program; it has 6 partners with NextChem leading. The aim is to demonstrate the environmental benefits and economic feasibility of an innovative approach for the production of microalgal biomass through an integrated phototrophic-heterotrophic cultivation system, using OMWW waters (pre-concentrated in a membrane filtration system) as carbon source for the growth of microalgae and contributing to the valorization of wastewaters. Among other objectives: to reduce microalgae cultivation costs, testing microalgae produced for nutraceuticals and biopolymer production, to assess the use of other types of wastewaters, as whey, in the process. NextChem presented the main phases of design and construction of the pilot-plant, installed and ongoing in NextChem headquarter in Rome, realized to validate the technology proposed. BIO-P, partner of the Project for the operation of the pilot, explained the results of the first optimization phase of phototrophic cultivation, analyzing external light and temperature effects on microalgal growth. BIO-P also presented the results of the regional Project BIPAM, ended in July 2020, in which developed a starch extraction process from microalgal biomass, using traditional organic solvents. This starch was used as a basis for bio-pellets production.
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