NextChem returns to Ecomondo, the most important Italian and international event on technologies for the circular economy, and proposes three debates at Stand 133, Hall D1. Keywords: circular city, Green Circular Districts, convergence between sectors, decarbonization and good examples of circular economy.

Rome, 26 October 2021 - Ecomondo, the leading trade fair in Europe for industrial and technological innovation in the Circular Economy, reopens its doors in physical form and NextChem, the company of Maire Tecnimont for the energy transition, backs to promoting the debate on some key issues.

Tuesday 26 October, from 14.30 to 16, Fabrizio Di Amato, the Chairman of the Maire Tecnimont Group, and Pierroberto Folgiero, the CEO of the Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem, will talk with the President of ISPRA Stefano Laporta and with the President of RetiAmbiente Daniele Fortini moderated by Emanuele Bompan, Director of Renewable Matter and author of the book "What is Circular Economy". This book, which was distributed to the 400 girls and boys participating in the conference Youth4climate of Pre-cop 26, will guide the debate entitled CIRCULAR CITIES: CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND DECARBONISATION, THE RESPONSE OF THE GREEN CIRCULAR DISTRICTS organized in collaboration with the publisher Edizioni Ambiente and the Alliance for the Circular Economy. Giacomo Salvatori of Agici Finanza d'Impresa, representing the Alliance, will illustrate the latest study and the proposals of the Alliance on the subject. Ilaria Catastini, Head of Sustainability of the Group, will introduce the works.


The Alliance Study on Circular Economy and climate change mitigation analyzed the impact in terms of emissions of different industrial sectors, such as food, energy and utilities, transport, construction, fashion and textiles and chemistry. The contribution of the transport sector to the emission scenario in Italy is extremely high and requires a composite strategy that, in addition to efforts on electrification and sustainable mobility, draws a progressive route for reducing the carbon content of fuels for traditional mobility. The Green Circular District model of NextChem is from this point of view an innovative response as it allows to obtain low carbon fuels for heavy and light mobility, such as methanol, hydrogen, ethanol, by chemical conversion of non-recyclable waste.

This paradigm shift requires a new industrial convergence between different supply chains. It will be discussed Tuesday, October 27, from 15 to 16.30, in collaboration with the Think Tank of Althesys WAS. Alessandro Marangoni, Althesys CEO, will talk with Vincenzo Accurso, COO NextChem, with the table members WAS Roberto Conte, I Blu (Iren Group), Michele Zilla, Cobat, Elisabetta Perrotta, Fise Assoambiente, Andrea Razzini, Veritas, Massimo Centemero, CIC, Francesco Sicilia, Unirima, Davide De Battisti, AIMAG, Franco Zanata, Contarina.

On 28 October, from 3 to 4.30 pm, a case study on biolubricants will be examined, starting from the dossier created by the National Observatory on Biolubricants created by NextChem with the Fondazione Ecosistemi, which will be presented by the director of the Foundation Silvano Falocco and discussed by several members of the Observatory. Biolubricants in Europe account for about 5% of total lubricants and are used in industrial applications as an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-derived lubricants. The global biolubricant market exceeded $2 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow significantly to $3.98 billion by the end of 2025.

At Ecomondo, NextChem and Maire Tecnimont will also participate in other events. In particular, Franco Ghiringhelli, Human Resources, ICT & process excellence SVP, Maire Tecnimont, will be keynote speaker at the conference of Economy of 27 October at 14 hours "Sustainable development and circular economy: learning to manage sustainability, the challenge for managers of the future".