Fabrizio Di Amato, Founder and Chairman of Maire Tecnimont Group, was invited to bring his contribution, as for the relevance of his personal and company history, to the General States of Economy, promoted by the Italian Prime Minister and held in Rome. During his speech at the presence of the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the Ministers of the Republic, Fabrizio Di Amato launched NextChem’s Project of the Circular District: a virtuous decarbonization model to face some of the greatest challenges of the future in an environmentally and economically sustainable way.

NextChem’s Circular District is a viable mean to transform a traditional refinery into a modern bio-refinery. It is also thought for a green recovery of industrial brownfield sites, mostly petrochemical and steel plants, which have to start or consolidate their path to energy transition, giving a future and a chance to their business, in a sustainable view.

NextChem’s model is based on existing and validated technologies, which include the plastic waste Upcycling and the chemical recycling of plastic and dry waste, plus the possibility to add the production of idrogen by electrolysis from renewable energy sources. NextChem’s technology for chemical conversion and the production of syngas from waste is based on a partial oxidation process, followed by a purification phase that avoids air pollutants. The circular gas obtained so far can be used as is, within steel direct reduction processes, for its reducing property, replacing natural gas or coke. This allows to reduce GHG related emissions, with a competitive cost. Circular gas can be also used as a basis for the production of circular hydrogen, methanol, or several chemicals, that are building blocks for the chemical industry.

NextChem’s proposal designs a model for the future, which is feasible today, with proven technologies and economically sustainable. It is a modular proposal, that fits with the local contexts, and that could be integrated in later steps.

Read here the article from Corriere della Sera with the interview to Fabrizio Di Amato.

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