Webinar Polimerica.it: MyReplast TM technology and products: the premium recycled from plastic waste Upcycling”

On 18th November Valerio Coppini, NextChem VP Business Development, joined the webinar organized by NextChem with Polimerica.it, the main Italian trade media of the plastics sector. The title was “MyReplast TM technology and products: the premium recycled from plastic waste Upcycling”, and it hosted the participation of Carlo Andriolo, CEO of Aliplast (Hera Group) and Angelo Bonsignori, Chairman of IPPR, the Institute for the Promotion of recycled plastics. During the webinar, NextChem illustrated its Upcycling proprietary technology and MyReplast TM products.

Valerio Coppini described Upcycling as “an innovative technology which allows to produce recycled polymers with the same chemical and physical features of virgin plastics”, and this is the strength of the technology. The reason why we use so much virgin plastic materials regards their flexibility, cost effectiveness and features; while the reason why we don not usually use recycled plastics is that they loose quality during the recycling process.

Our MyReplast TM Upcycling technology enables to overcome quality degradation; we developed this technology with a reverse approach, both of process and products, following the cost effectiveness and flexibility. MyReplast TM products, in fact, are tailor made compounded granulates and flakes which meet customers’ requirements and needs, offering solutions for every kind of requests.

Combining mechanical and chemical recycling, MyReplast TM technology enables to “decide and design” each features of the products, starting from the final output. Waste is our raw material: we consider municipal solid and industrial waste as feedstock, during the Upcycling process we upgrade them and we obtain high quality final products.

Our website https://www.myreplastindustries.it/ showcases all technical fact sheets and descriptions of the products, with a standard offer for polypropylene and polyethylene common products. Nevertheless, we prefer to not follow a catalogue-products’ approach, but have a “customer approach”, developing with the client the final product according to required chemical and physical features.

Carlo Andriolo, CEO of Aliplast, Hera Group’s subsidiary for the collection, recycling and conversion of plastics, during its speech illustrated the agreement recently signed between Aliplast and NextChem. The agreement purpose is the building of a plant to recycle plastics, with NextChem’s MyReplast TM Upcycling technology, into high value-added polymers. “This is a partnership of two Italian excellences with the aim of disseminating high quality recycling”, he commented.

Angelo Bonsignori, Chairman of IPPR, Institute for the promotion of recycled plastics, gave an overview on plastic waste recycling. “High quality, quantity and supply continuity: this is what recycling market needs today. And this is the right strategy to win the market”, he commented.

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