What we do

Our business model across the three areas Greening the Brown, Circular Economy and Green Green develops along four business  activities: 

  • Technology Licensing, 
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services
  • Project Development 
  • Joint Ventures and Joint Cooperation Agreements 


Our activity refers to - but is not limited to - our proprietary technologies.

We are open to co-license with third parties to ensure to our clients the best technology available. 

NextChem - EPC Services

EPC Services

We may act both as a Licensor and a EPC contractor: we are able to develop, industrialize and commercialize new solutions deriving from validated technologies, and then fill the gap between lab research and large scale industry. 

NextChem - Project development

Project Development

In this segment are included all that kinds of activities such as pre-feasibility studies, technology comparison, market studies, etc. that are usually forwarded by investors (shareholders and/or financial institutions involved into the project) prior to go-non go final decision.