H2S Cracking

KT-Kinetics Technology S.p.A., a Company of Maire Tecnimont Group, in more than 10 years of R&D activity, has developed a proprietary catalyst and plant architecture for the conversion of H2S to Hydrogen and Sulphur by means of the SOAPTM process (Selective Oxidative Autothermal Process), which represents an innovative and more efficient way for recovering Sulphur. It is based on a partial oxidative reaction that shows better performances compared to current market solutions. This technology has now been included within NextChem patents.

SOAPTM technology has the following main advantages:

· H2S waste gas valorization producing Hydrogen and Sulphur

· “Zero Emissions” Target, no CO2 and SO2 emissions

· Lean Design with possible OPEX and CAPEX reduction up to 30%

The achievement of “Zero Emission” with the minimum use of energy is a specific target of our “greening the brown” macro area.