We are managing a portfolio of several technological initiatives among the three macro areas of our roadmap, that is our way to approach the emerging trends in this global Energy Transition process ongoing.

Here you can find a selection of technologies related to the clusters of our roadmap for Energy Transition, that are part of our business portfolio.

Greening The Brown


H2S Cracking

KT-Kinetics Technology S.p.A., a Company of Maire Tecnimont Group, in more than 10 years of R&D activity, has developed a proprietary catalyst and plant architecture for the conversion of H2S to Hydrogen and Sulphur by means of the SOAPTM process (Selective Oxidative Autothermal Process), which represents an innovative and more efficient way for recovering Sulphur. It is based on a partial oxidative reaction that shows better performances compared to current market solutions


DCCD™ Technology

Since 2011 our sister Company Tecnimont, has started R&D activities to develop a new gas purification technology to valorize Natural Gas fields with high content of CO2 and H2S, and unlocking additional valuable gas resources for the market.


Renewable Energy to Fuels and Chemicals

The initiative under development will allow us to produce syngas and liquid products (methane, methanol, etc.) utilizing Green Hydrogen, bio-genic CO2 and/or CO2 feedstock from industrial plants.

Circular Economy


MyReplast Upcycling

With a global scenario which is boosting with unprecedent strength towards higher goals for plastics waste recycling and towards the discovery of new, consolidated and industrial markets for the recycled polymers,We patented a new technology which allows to revert the common and usual waste-to-market approach into a “market-to-waste” approach.


Waste to Chemicals

Different types of wastes can be effectively exploited in a gasification process.

Gasification is a partial oxidative process where an organic material reacts with Oxygen (pure or in form of Air) and possibly with Steam, to give a gaseous product known as Syngas.


Waste to Fuels

We are running an important project together with ENI, for the implementation of its “Waste to Hydrogen” plant in Porto Marghera (Venice, Italy) and the construction of a “Waste to Methanol” plant in the Livorno (Italy) refinery.

Green Green

Card 2-G Ethanol.

2-G Ethanol

We are working on the valorization of Ethanol, today a main raw material for the production of a "second generation" (2G) technology for production of Ethanol and/or other chemicals starting from lignocellulosic biomass.

Bio-Diesel Card


Biodiesel produced as Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) derived by transesterification of fats with methanol is a consolidated technology widely adopted around the world to process Vegetable oils as Soyabean, rapeseed or palm to produce 1st generation Biofuels.

HVO Card

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

Renewable Diesel originated from vegetable oils is one of the areas of interest and work of NextChem.

Bio - Oleo Card

Bio-OleoChemicals: Oleic Acid for Bio-Lubricants

We have in place a partnership together with So.G.I.S., for the supply of engineering and procurement services for the construction of a production unit in the Municipality of Sospiro (Cremona, Italy), for the production of oleic acid from residual fats through a process of wet fractionation of fatty acids.

PLA Card


The gradual replacement of fossil plastic with bio-plastics in some markets is already ongoing, driven by legislation and market requests.