DCCD™ Technology

The DCCD™ - Dual Column Cryogenic Distillation - is an innovative gas purification technology able to valorize Natural Gas fields with high content of CO2 and H2S, allowing to unlock additional valuable gas resources for the market.
Now part of NextChem technology portfolio, this technology has been entirely developed inside Maire Tecnimont Group, starting from R&D activities, the construction of a Pilot Plant and the development of an industrial plant design package.

DCCD™ technology is a patented process consisting of two columns working at different pressures. It can be easily integrated in most of Gas Processing architectures. The process is operated at 4-5 MPag and temperatures down to -90 °C. It allows single step purification of natural gas from high CO2 and/or H2S content down to sales gas or LNG specifications, while recovering acid components as liquid at high pressure.

DCCD™ technology has the following main advantages:

  • Profitable exploitation of very Sour Gas fields;
  • Natural Gas sweetening aimed also to LNG production;
  • Lean design with minimum CAPEX and OPEX;
  • Use of the recovered CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery or as feedstock for conversion into valuable products.

DCCD™ technology adds value to low quality gas, while CO2 emissions to atmosphere are drastically reduced. Based on the Customer’s gas composition and characteristics, the applicability of DCCD™ technology can be evaluated.