Renewable Diesel (or HVO, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil)

Renewable Diesel originated from vegetable oils is one of the areas of interest and work of NextChem. The Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) production has been developing rapidly and the high demand needs technological solutions for the implementation of production facilities.

We are working on High Efficiency Pretreatment technologies of 2G raw material feedstocks (tall oil, acid oils, UCO, Greases, others). NextChem has a partnership ongoing with the Kansas-based Saola Energy to license in the international market a technology for the production of Renewable Diesel (HVO) from vegetable oils and residual fats. Saola Energy’s patented technology consists of a hydrotreatment step followed by isomerization to produce high-quality Renewable Diesel fuel from oils and residual fats.

NextChem is the licensor worldwide and can provide clients with Engineering, Procurement and Construction services and training to ensure successful deployment. The technology can process at industrial scale a wide range of feedstocks with a modularized approach, conceived for capacities as low as 10 million gallons per year (approximately 30.000 ton/year), making it ideal for both smaller bolt-on facilities with access to a limited supply of captive feedstock and larger standalone plants that can aggregate larger amounts of raw materials.