MyReplast Upcycling

With a global scenario which is boosting with unprecedent strength towards higher goals for plastics waste recycling and towards the discovery of new, consolidated and industrial markets for the recycled polymers we patented a new technology which allows to revert the common and usual waste-to-market approach into a “market-to-waste” approach. Starting from the downstream market demand in terms of polymer quality, our technology can transform a plastic waste material into a secondary raw material with chemical-physical characteristics and mechanical properties similar to virgin polymers from fossil-source.

We have named such a new approach “Upcycling”.

MyReplast Upcycling is a  thermo-mechanical process for regrading and compounding the selected materials, utilizing reactive extrusion. It allows to:

*  obtain top purity and quality of plastics across a proprietary recycling process;

*  improve the performances of the outcoming granules through a phase of compounding which is based and formulated on the basis of client’s requests.

MyReplast technology has the following key characteristics:

High flexibility: our technology allows to treat various types of incoming plastic waste, both from industrial production (for example, automotive components, food and industrial packaging waste), and from post-consumption, that is urban sorted waste.

Quality of finished product: MyReplast Upcycling technology allows to produce high quality recycled polymers, with recycling efficiency of around 95%.

This is an essential feature to approach high added-value “premium” markets and bridge the qualitative gap between recycled plastic and virgin plastic from fossil-source.

Our reference industrial plant is located at Bedizzole (Brescia, Italy). The plant is managed by our subsidiary MyReplast Industries. The plant is currently among the largest in Europe and produces approx. 40,000 tons/year of recycled polymers.

In view of a new sustainable plastics economy, this is an important step of Maire Tecnimont Green Acceleration strategy. The application of Group’s procedures and plant-building skills to the new plastics recycling business offers interesting opportunities in a sector that needs to industrialize the regeneration cycle of plastic materials. After MyReplast Industries takeover we are in a position to license our technology to third parties.

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