Who we are

We are managing a portfolio of technologies and innovative research projects towards Energy Transition in three main areas named: “Greening the Brown”, “Circular Economy” and “Green Green”


About Us

NextChem is Maire Tecnimont’s subsidiary operating in the field of green chemistry and technologies for the Energy Transition. 


Our Vision

The global warming in place and the subsequent dramatic climate changes make more and more urgent to put in place instruments to drawdown the Carbon Dioxide emissions to atmosphere.

What we do

Our Mission

NextChem is the partner to accelerate your Energy Transition and reduce your impact on the environment, creating new products from renewable feedstock and entering new markets with a non-fossil footprint, giving a contribution to sustainable development



The energy transition is driving both producers and customers to rethink their future needs and what kinds of products and solutions will be required to enable a sustainable future in terms of emissions waste and economics. The scale and complexity of the shift required are huge, but it will be driven by asset owners increasingly moving capital employed from traditional, legacy activities to new, greener assets and by customers placing a premium on sustainable products and consumption.