Our Vision

Our Vision

The global warming and the subsequent climate changes make more and more urgent  to find solutions to drawdown the Carbon Dioxide emissions to the atmosphere.  

To achieve such a result everyone, including but not limited to industrial sector and companies, should do its own best to accelerate the Energy Transition.  
The path to success for sure will not be an easy promenade. 

A long-term strategy, connecting the dots between research, technology and market issues will be required. 

NextChem, industrializer of sustainability

The Energy Transition is ongoing. The social and economic impact of climate change on communities, environment, health is real, the demand from the market for green technologies, renewable energy, sustainable products, low impact services is concrete and almost all business sectors need to change their production patterns, looking for new technologies, designing new products, exploring new symbiosis with other sectors and building new markets.

The next decade is decisive to find out technological solutions to make the Energy Transition concrete. Through our subsidiary company NextChem we offer technological solutions to our clients to reduce the carbon impact of their traditional processes, develop new processes and products from non-fossil feedstocks and from renewable energy sources, improving their circular economy through recycling, waste to fuels and waste to chemicals. 

We partner with our clients supporting them in finding their industrial adaptation strategies. We help them to improve their sustainability, face the new environmental requirements, offer new sustainable products and solutions, enter new markets. Consumers, communities and institutions are demanding climate-friendly products, services and processes and that demand will only grow: we are engineers, we industrialize innovation, we can help the industry to industrialize sustainability as well.